Easy Business Rules

OpenL Tablets targets the infamous gap between business requirements (rules and policies) and software implementation.

Keeping in mind the need to be simple and intuitive for business people OpenL Tablets made its rules representation impressively close to documents usually created by business.

OpenL Tablets rules table

Users can feel relieved and concentrate on logic as all data, syntax and type errors are checked while authoring. Convenient tools help to insure rules integrity while maintenance.

One-click deployment of rules as efficient, scalable and standardized services for SOA-based integration makes business logic simple to consume in your application.

For Java developers OpenL Tablets provides many rich usage scenarios where all rules and business data are exposed through reflection-like API or wrapped as Java class.

All of OpenL Tablets is open sourced under LGPL license.

Find out more at What is OpenL Tablets?

OpenL Tablets 5.12.1 is available.

This is maintenance release which contains following bugs fixes and few improvements:

Fixed Bugs

  • Web Services: Web service hangs up in case project has 4 or more dependencies between modules
  • WebStudio: In case a project contains properties-file-name-processor in rules.xml - it's impossible to close/delete/erase the project
  • WebStudio: Problems while starting WebStudio under ROOT in Linux


  • WebStudio: User can add custom project templates to use them in WebStudio to create new projects
  • Web Services: Support returning of SpreadsheetResult type data
  • Web Services: Improved configuration of rules repository settings


The documentation on usage of improved features will appear in user guides for release 5.13.

All artifacts are available in maven and ready for Downloads.


OpenL Tablets 5.12 is available.

The OpenL Team with pleasure presents a new release of the OpenL Tablets.

There are a lot of new features and improvements there:

  • Multi Module Project, Project and Module Dependencies
  • Single-module or Multi-module modes in WebStudio
  • Properties from File Name
  • Enhanced testing tool for Spreadsheet Results
  • WebStudio links to projects, modules and rule tables became bookmarkable
  • Project and Module Pages in Rules Editor
  • Breadcrumb navigation in WebStudio
  • Number of UI improvements
  • Performance issues fixed
  • More "business" friendly UI of Web Services Example Client in Demo Package

NOTE: Eclipse plug-ins are discontinued and deleted from OpenL Tablets

More detailed information you can find in the Release Notes 5.12.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.


OpenL Tablets 5.11.3 is available

It is a maintenance release that fixes major bugs such as:

Fixed Bugs

  • WebStudio: In case .zip file consists of 1 folder and files in the root - files from the root are not uploaded while creating a new project
  • WebStudio: After refreshing all deployed projects dissapear from Production repository
  • WebStudio: Checkboxes (from run table settings) work wrong in several cases
  • WebStudio: 'Export module' doesn't work via Rules editor
  • WebStudio: 'Export file' doesn't work via Repository in case rules are located in a folder
  • Web Services: fix 'out of memory' exception in case of several parallel rule requests

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.

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