Easy Business Rules

OpenL Tablets targets the infamous gap between business requirements (rules and policies) and software implementation.

Designed to be straightforward and intuitive for business people, OpenL Tablets made its rules representation impressively close to documents usually created by business(it intends business requirements etc).

Users can focus on logic as all data, syntax and typing errors are checked while they write. Convenient tools help to ensure rules integrity while further using.

One-click deployment of rules as efficient, scalable and standardized services for SOA-based integration makes business logic simple to embed in application.

For Java developers, OpenL Tablets provides many rich usage scenarios in which all rules and business data are exposed through reflection-like API or wrapped as Java class.

All of OpenL Tablets is open sourced under LGPL license.

There is more at What is OpenL Tablets?

OpenL Tablets 5.15.2 is available.

OpenL Tablets 5.15.2 release contains several new improvements:

  • New Canada properties for versioning were added
  • Convertor to calculation steps DTOs supports more cases without configuration

More detailed information you can find at Release Notes 5.15.2.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.

The new release is available in central maven repository since July 17. Due to sourceforge infrastructure instability we had to delay the announcement. We're working on the project infrastructure update and will provide details in upcoming weeks.



OpenL Tablets 5.15.1 is available.

OpenL Tablets 5.15.1 release contains several new features and improvements:

  • Performance improvements for versioning by business dimensions
  • Performance improvements in lazy loading functionality
  • Added property dispatching validation to switch on/off validation for rules overloading

More detailed information you can find at Release Notes 5.15.1.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.


OpenL Tablets 5.15 is available.

OpenL Tablets 5.15 release brings several new features as well as number of improvements:

  • New implementation of conditions indexing to reduce RAM consumption
  • Reduced memory usage in core
  • Full schema description in WADL
  • and much more

More detailed information you can find at Release Notes 5.15.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.


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